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Becoming a Father by liska-rediska Becoming a Father by liska-rediska
This picture is related to the series about Lilac Town my friend Dark Star and I used to write.

You could look at it as just a peaceful moment from a father and daughter's life.

Promising sherega to paint some of my characters, that I used to have, I went and did it... In a strange way. I did manage to paint some of my characters from the past, but why did I paint them in their past? They are at least four years younger than they were in the story...
Neigel and Eva were never related by blood, but when it came to it, he could become a better father for her than her own mother could.
When asked to tell about himself, Neigels says this, "Neigel O'Connel, a teacher of Earth studying, twenty-eight years old. Single, no children, no previous convictions. Interests are books, riding horses, and collecting origami from the essays of best students. I like children and animals." Having become a teacher eight years ago, he found what he wanted to do in his life, as he likes children most, likes talking to them, watching their growth, listening to their thoughts, playing with them.
Eva, or Ivietta, or Ivka (means "little willow" in Russian), is twelve years old, though not on this picture. She met Neigel when she was seven, and since then they were closer than just a father and daughter. Neigel was a mix of father, old brother and friend for her. Despite her family issues, usually Eva is a really happy child with a great fantasy. She believes in fairies and gnomes, and you know, as the story is in Lilac Town, no one can be sure whether they exist or not; she likes making up all kind of games - in pirates, in hide-and-seek, in houses-on-the-trees - for herself and her friends; she likes making stories... Looking into her absolutely honest eyes or at her wide smile, you will never think of such a child, telling you lies. But be careful! Eva does like making up strange stories and believing in them.
Anyway, I guess, pictures of my characters that I used to have are still to come... )))
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homesadist Featured By Owner May 19, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Глаза Найджела меня слегка пугают ) Но Ева получилась лучше некуда )
Еще один кусочек Сиреневого Города :dance:
Книгу хочу :XD:
liska-rediska Featured By Owner May 19, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
О, Ксана, а ты ведь, наверное, не видела этих милых тестов, что мы с Кэт творили во времена нашей бурной юности?
[link] - это мой под названием "Кто ты в Сиреневом городе?"
[link] - а это Кэт под названием "Найди себе пару в Сиреневом городе". Есть еще на ту же тему мой, я его делала раньше, но он меньше: [link]
А за радостные отзывы спасибо. ))) Мы надеемся, что когда-нибудь... Это было бы на самом деле здорово. Но вот пока не складывается.
sherega Featured By Owner May 19, 2009   Traditional Artist
Aww. ^^ Cute picture and description. I had my mathemtics exam today and French will be tomorrow but then (TADAA) we'll have Thursday all free! *dances for relief* and I promise that I'll start sketching then :O For both of them xD I love to see other person's characters so if you want to present me some more, I'm really excited to see them! : D (And probably also draw them, too. At least this picture actually awake a lot of ideas in my mind. ^^ )Though when it's me sketching (and I'm still having school for a week or so) it may take some time... I'm a bit pondering. : )

As you said that you managed to draw them younger than they are in the actual story, that happens to me mostly other way around. Somehow I end up drawing Nathaniel many times much older than he is for the most part of the story (which is now in pause -.- Too busy D : Just having time to do some randomish sketches. xD ) What is actually "Earth" study? Like history or geography? O.O Sounds interesting. I love that name translation for Ivka ^^ "little willow". It sounds cute even in Finnish actually, which is prettty surpsrising. ("Pikkupaju" - quite a lot of consonants but still cute. : D )

Eould e interesting to be present if Neigel and Ophiopogon would meet each other and discuss about nurturing and upbringing. xD Neigel sounds so much more open than Ophiopogon would ever manage to be in his life. u.u" (Poor Nathaniel. I think he would enjoy some Earth-studies at times.) And Eva sounds a character you personally like a lot, too ^^ For she seem to be a bit fox-like. Always having her own plans and plots in her mind. xD

And as I said, the picture is lovely <3
liska-rediska Featured By Owner May 19, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Awww... Good luck with your exams! Is it your last year or there will be another one? Anyway, good luck! And you really don't need to hurry as it didn't really turn out like a good reference in the end. I will try more. And, heh, the world of Lilac Town was the most populated... There were about 10 extremely main characters, 10 just very important characters, and about 20 of those who appear more or less frequently. Awww, don't worry, I'm not going to introduce all of them! It will be a killing experience. But painting just some of them is actually very interesting for me as I paint better and easier now, and I finally can paint some of them. But, back to the story, one of the main difficulties that we had was connected with the amount of characters. And we liked all of them. And we couldn't cut off time for any of them.
I tell "we" because, as it is mentioned there, my friend and I wrote it together. We always wonder how other people do it together... As for us, we divided characters, and it was like each of us was responsible for working on some of them. But mostly, we discussed all things together. And Neigel and Eva was a couple of my characters that acted most... Though there were others that were very peculiar, and now I think that maybe they were even more interesting. Haha, I do have some issues with main characters, as we discussed. Even with my own ones.
But it is very pleasant to know that you got some ideas from this painting too. I collected some of images from the past that don't make me feel too embarrassed in this folder, so, there are some other characters from the story. [link]
Haha, Neigel and Ophiopogon can find something in common to talk about, right? :) They both have long black hair (a long talk about caring about it), they both wear glasses (though I successfully forgot about them for Neigel here), they both have students and they both like reading. But Neigel is... hmmm... how many years (or hundred years) is he younger? So, though he tends to behave like a man who can care about everyone and everything, he likes playing around pretty much. Isn't it why he chose his job? So that he could play with children officially... In the winter he goes with his students to the school yard and makes snowmen... sorry, snow animals... and then asks them to tell what they know about these animals... In the fall he and his students go camping to the forest... And in the spring, yes, there is a big origami ships sailing in the close river. As for your question, Earth studies is like a mix of Geography and Biology. And just a bit of History about how terrible the world was until the coming of new epoch... Oh yes, I love my own time. )))) I guess you read about it in that small extract that I made just for the series in general.
Also, Neigel is popular with women and is quite aware of this fact, not minding it. How does Ophiopogon feel towards the female kind? ))))
But overall, he is a gentle and romantic person. He could be call a bit too gentle, maybe, if he were not fully capable of punching anyone who would make such a remark.
As for Ivka, I remembered my childhood, while writing about her, though adding those parts, that I didn't have as much as she does. She has a lot of friends to have fun with. And she always wants the life to feel interesting around. That was my feeling when I was a child too. I wanted to have a lot of games, treasure-hunting, house-building, performances-making... and so on... Though I didn't possess the ability of Ivka, telling fairy-tales just for fun. Once, when a new teacher came to school and was pushing the entrance door in the opposite direction, she managed to tell her a story about the disease that mades people's hair grow green and then fall off - and because of the disease coming to the school, it was closed, by Ivka's version. Though usually her stories were more harmless, of course.
Thank you a lot for your concern. )
sherega Featured By Owner May 22, 2009   Traditional Artist
Woa. Thanks. The luck is really in need here u.u" I'm pretty bad with exams these days. I got too nervous to really conctrate - every single time. D:< But I just have to get used to it, I guess. -.-

^^ I have quite a lot of characters, too. And somehow important characters. I like many books with a lot of characters for I feel they some sort give the story a feeling of "realiness". O.o But only as long as these characters are well presented and thought and have their own personalities so that I can easily follow the story even though the characters would change ^^ E.g. Harry Potter was one serie of this kind. I liked it really much. n.n (Though Dumbledore died! D : Gosh. I cried then. )': As well as I cried for the deaths of Gandalf and Nemmerle and Ogion (Earthsea, Ursula Le Guin if you've read. One of my favourite writers of all the time ^^), too.)

I've been going through that folder even before but now it opened me better ^^ Somehow I understand your story to some point now. ^^ And it sounds interesting. I got to say that collaboration writing sounds both hard and interesting. ^^ I have been many times wondering how two people can do one perfectly united artwork so that it seems to be done by one. It's something mysterious there...

I like Neigel's character very much ^^ He sounds like a funny person. Not too serious one. I guess Ophiopogon would be quite curious towards him and I bet they would find something to talk about xD At least about their hair if nothing else. xDD Ophiopogon is very, very keen on his long hair. ^^" So keen that he cannot let anyone else to cut it even for a millimeter. Though I guess it's a bit longer than Neigel's as it reaches Ophiopogon to his heels, actually. (the pictures do not reveal it though O.O"!) And he is also very keen on his glasses as he still consider them to belong to Aleko. Though Ophiopogon uses them usually only while reading because he otherwise tend to have problems with recognizing the runes or letters depending on the type of the text. The only harm age has caused to him.

I afraid Neigel is some thousand of year younger than Ophiopogon even though Ophiopogon is pretty young for to be a member of his birth clan. Though Ophiopogon does not see the age as a prblem in general when dealing with different people. Anyway, he's been living all his life among mortals so he nevertheless would be the eldest one. ^^" And Ophiopogon likes playing, too. ^^ Actually he keeps playing with Nathaniel quite much. As I mentioned in the list that he's always carrying a pipe, he relly uses it, too. Mostly because he's more or less a bit hesitant and cannot really focus on everyhting some times and these times find it relaxing but also because he consider it to be like an art form. And he's been having time to develop to its most elaborate state. Ophioopogon doesn't really like smoking as he hates the smell of tobacco and finds it extremely unhealthy, but he can make clouds (yup. real clouds ^^"). All shaped of them from dragons to unicorns and giant ladybugs. He also likes to draw straight to the air. They're having a game version of this where Ophiopogon draws as long as Nathaniel either knows or guesses the object right. : ) Scarlet likes more physical games like climbing on her uncles's shoulders while he's working... And then escaping really fast. As fast as she possibly can, actually. She's pretty talented, really. And Ophiopogon has good reflexes.

Ophiopogon also has his own "collection" of students he teaches every now and then. xD They're chosen by some more special reason, either some specific talent on some area or because of some other reason (normally then suggested by Ophiopogon himself, if he got impressed by someone. Firio is one representative of this rare specie ; D Part of the reason Nathaniel hates him so greatly, is that he even have to study with Firio at times.) Anyway (back to the main topic), Ophiopogon likes to keep the lessons outside during sprinng and summertime and even part of the autumn until his students start to complain about rain.

(Snowmans again xD I like snow horses, too. Moomins really have affected to my life.)

Earth studies sounds interesting xD how terrible the world was until the coming of new epoch At least the world sounds to be very good place to life afterwards. ^^ I liked the extract very much. (Chemistry xD Poor Rita.)

Hmmhmm. Poor Ophiopogon. Women found him more or less cute or at least fascinating of some sort. In any case, he's gentle, polite and quite curious and always poking and quationing something on his way wherever he's navigating to. (Tinkering and "pushing one's nose to other people's business" are the very terms Eren'erai uses even though in reality Ophiopogon is very discreet.) Lilith fell love with him because of his gentleness and kept calling him as "Ravenfeather" till the end. She explained it to Ophiopogon by saying that Ophiopogon resembled a bird. Hard, sharp beak but soft to fondle. Ophiopogon is still limitlessly fond of her.

And it's the reason he really cannot find any idea in falling in love again. Poor Fern loves him enormously. Even though Ophiopogon only feels it's only a bit uneasy situation as he cannot feel the same way towards her. But Fern keeps loving him nevertheless the unspoken opinion of Ophiopogon. In any case, as she's his healer and Ophiopogon has no healing ability at all and tends to get sick every once in a while, he cannot push her that far away. And he feels also great sympathy and even mercy towards her and always keeps thinking that he's owning something to her. Though Fern - as all the other persons who know Ophiopogon better - also knows and accepts the fact that he can never love her more than only like a trusted one or a close friend.

But anyhoo, I think Neigel and Ophiopogon really would find some topics to talk about more deeply about. Especially if Neigel likes nettle tea and long pauses spent by reading (in the middle of discussions). And I bet Scarlet would like to play with Ivka. She is as bad liar and storyteller as Ivka sounds to be. They could teach some nice tricks to each other as long that other one no more knows what really is true and what is not. Scarlet's favourite one is to try to fool her uncle or tell stories to Nathaniel. It seems that Nathaniel is never going to get to know the real reason for Scarlet's scars on her face even though he's been asking it some thousands of times and every time Scarlet tells it to him very patiently and always as enthustically. Though the story is always different. xD

I'm very pleased you allow me enter in your world even for just a few steps at least ^^ (Again these long letters... n.n")
liska-rediska Featured By Owner May 28, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
How is it going? ) I hope you are doing well!

Wow, you like the Harry Potter series! For some reason, I thought that you wouldn't. ))) But I like the - ohgreat! - Harry Potter series too.
However I thought that you would like Dumbledore for some reason. ) A very odd person... in a good way... ))) And I don't even know who I like anymore. When I started reading it, I was about 13 years old, and when I finished, I was 20... Just a big gap and a big change in opinions. I liked many characters... Hermione from the main characters, and then Luna, and Tonks, and McGonagall, and Snape a bit and, ah, Neville, right... Yes, it's good when there are many characters, and they're different and so unforgettable!
Actually, interesting characters is one of the main, probably, the main reason why I could fall in love with a book... And then I can read about anything!

I really like working with someone else. At least about writing. *in a philosophic way* It is a joy and a curse. When I do have a chance to do it, I feel very happy. But I have a hard time, writing alone, after all that experience.
Everyone feels happy when they have a chance to talk about their imaginary worlds. I wonder why... But for instance, I feel happy, talking to you now.
And when you write with someone, you don't just want to - that's what you need to do. Every day. It's a lot of fun, and in those discussions worlds and plots and characters are born in a natural way. Though, of course, you need to be good friends and have some things in common... )

I'm happy you liked Neigel. And I hope I gave you some ideas about him... Though there is always so much left.
Like I really should have painted him with the woman he married in the end. Another teacher at school. A history teacher. He is such a hopeless romantic. He wrote "I love you, Hela!" with big letters on the snow under the windows of her classroom, and she got angry with him. If you're not prepared to be buried under lots of poems, and flowers, and romantic notes (hidden between student's copybooks); if you're too shy to be embraced right in the center of the schoolyard or at least see those words "I love you" there... Neigel is not your choice for sure.
Or he has an interesting friend. A math teacher. One day they're friends, and the next day Neigel decides to joke around. He just can't help, I guess, even though he knows that his friend Shol is serious, and not all of his jokes are to be understood. So, they can be friends for half a year, and then they can be enemies for another half a year. But it lasted for more than twenty years, so they got used to it. The conclusion is Neigel can be annoying with his I-don't-want-to-be-serious personality too. He is famous for talking nonsense, sometimes for fun, but sometimes to annoy people as well.
For instance, here. During the time when Neigel and Shol don't get along. In the teacher's room Shol is looking at some personal letter, and Neigel notices it, making some comment.
Shol: You don't dare peek your nose into it!
Neigel (absent-mindedly): No worries. I would never let my curiosity go as far as to do such a dishonorable thing.
Shol: But you let it go as far as to look at it now.
Neigel: Really. Sorry. I would rather look at something more pleasant too. But, unfortunately, there are no pretty girls around to look at.
Shol (sarcastically): Oh yes. Girls is the only object of your interest after all.
Neigel: You can't call girls "objects", it's impolite...
*sighs* I miss them so much after all. So, I just added a couple of other facts about Neigel after all. )

And I feel like I know Ophiopogon and Nathaniel a bit too now and like them. After all... When you think about all untranslated things, interesting but written in other languages, you really want to learn them all. )
Once again, thank God, there is English to discuss it like this. It is fun too, at the very least.
Can you tell more about Ophiopogon and Lilith? When were they together? Before Nathaniel's life? And why did she die?

And thank you for sharing all these nice long letters with me. )
sherega Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2009   Traditional Artist
Does he (Neigel) like cats? (Erh... random question but it just popped in my mind from somewhere O.o") As an overall, I somehow find him animal person but what are those animals he likes the most?
liska-rediska Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Congratulations on finishing this year! And I asked you before but you probably skipped it which is not difficult in our long answers. But was this the last year for you? Or not? It is so difficult with difference in graduating age. In Russia we do in 17 years old, heh.
And I think art trades must be very interesting... Just need to find some time in between friends' birthdays and other holidays to paint ours. )))
As for Harry Potter, yes, I really like it too. Even though, like you, I care for first books more... They were more fairy-talish but more real at the same time. The world was so interesting in those small details. And characters too. I'm a strange reader who doesn't like a lot of action. I prefer atmosphere, characters and some everyday adventures and miracles actually. So, dramatic actions in the last books were interesting but a bit too much for me.
Here Harry Potters books are often made fun of. Because it is often teenagers who like it... because of movies... because of all "Awww, Daniel!" nonsense and so on... I don't actually know why. But I still think that it was a great book, especially in the beginning. Then, when it became a commercial one, I think the quality reduced a bit. But nevertheless, it made people think about different things. And just gave them some kind of magic.
And, mmm, as I mentioned, I like how you make your characters. I like those small strange habits... And also, in real life, aren't we all strange a bit? Even if we think that we are normal... I'm afraid of holes in a bathtub, and I hate wearing any kind hats in the winter, and I like eating bananas that are partly green. ) Just several facts that came to my mind. But usually writers don't mention such things about characters... while actually they're nice and they make them real.
I like small details about worlds too. I don't care as much about elves, dwarfs and how many races there and what kind of shape their ears have, but, like in Harry Potter, I liked those small things... chocolate frogs and candies with all possible tastes... brooms competitions and robes fashion... clocks that could tell where members of a family are... And so on.
It is very very pleasant to hear that our discussions make you so happy. I feel happy too when I see a new message from you. There is certainly something new to look forward too. For me it is interesting to talk about my imaginary worlds with those who understand about it... Though there are many people who I wouldn't like to share it with. What for? It's a part of me but they don't need to see this part because many ones will not understand. But I respect people who have courage to show their inner worlds to the world. I think it does take courage.
My friend and I often say that maybe sometime in the future we will be able to return to Lilac Town Story... There are moments when I think that personally I could return to it now, but maybe it is only in my dreams... Maybe it is only dreams for us both too. Who knows what will happen. As for right now, my friend is writing her own story based loosely on the world of Baldur's Gate, and she is very dedicated to it. It has been more than a year, but there is a lot of work ahead for her. Also, our university years ended, and we are growing apart from each other, unfortunately. Different acquaintances, different things to think of, just different ways to go... I wonder if maybe when we are older and meet again, we can return to that story. But then again, it will probably be a rather different of a story as people change... So, I hope... And at the same time I don't know what will happen.
But when I told you about these characters and some very brief scenes, of course, I missed them very much... And now too, I miss them. Too bad for me. )
I liked your question about Neigel and animals... ) Actually, beside the main story, we had a lot of additional materials just for fun. One of additional parts included "Random Facts Not Mentioned in the Main Story". Like that one character has a collection of teddy bears and is still sleeping with one; or how the name of Neigel's sister Angela was given to her and so on, and so on... And among those facts, there was one, dividing main characters into "dog persons" and "cat persons". According to that one, both Neigel and Eva were "dog persons". Eva is for sure. She wants to have a dog, but it is probably one of few her wishes that Neigel didn't grant. Because he lives with several other teachers in the special part of school... because he prefers to live on his own, not with his father and sister, and because he thinks it would be too lonely to have the whole house for his own - but I believe mostly because this way he can sleep an additional hour in the morning! )) Other teachers have their reason too, mostly because they are lonely... And so, Neigel and Ivka live there and they cannot have a dog there. But Neigel at the same time likes cats too. Closer to the end, when he and his future wife Hela get a house, one day he buys a kitten for her. How did they call it, hmmm... Ah! They couldn't agree on a name for a kitten, so they were joking that his name was Sunny-Beast. Because Hela called him "my sunny", "my love", "my fluffy" (etc), and Neigel called him humorously "that beast".
Also, about animals and Neigel, Neigel's childhood friend called him "you Crocodile", saying that it was his nickname from the past. I think the main reason is that Crocodile is a funny word. ))) But also Neigel has that bright green color of his eyes, and, according to his friend, has "a terrible sense of humor". Do crocodiles have sense of humor at all though? ))) (In return Neigel called his friend "you Giraffe" because he was red-haired, slim and tall, and rather curious).
And of course, as Neigel is that Earth Science teacher, he likes animals and nature... He probably likes wolves most... he also likes elephants... (because Eva likes elephants, and after buying ten different toy elephants for her, he feels that he is a professional )).
At last, thank you for the story about Lilith. It was impressive. It is just sad to think how little time Ophiopogon had with Lilith compared to his whole life... and nevertheless, what an impact she made on his life... But still, hundreds of years after... But probably, to Ophiopogon centuries and life is different than to ordinary people?
I've got another question, but I think I know a better place to ask. )))
And, of course, I do enjoy these conversation. ;) I'm looking forward to your answers.
sherega Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2009   Traditional Artist
Woo. As usual I've been procrastinating with answering. :"D I was so sure I had answered this message but maybe it's just that I talk too much in my head. I often forgot to say things aloud, greet people in my mind, answer e-mails and text messages straight while reading (in my mind) and later forgot to write my answers down. For I'm so sure I've answered on them at least once, already. : S

So my school started again and this will be (hopefully) my last year in High School. : D Then I'm off and do something whole else like change from sciences to arts. That's what I've been planning to do. 17 years old? You graduate before you're even 18! I'm going to be over 19 when I graduate. x.x"

My trade is still being in planning phase. Good thing in that is that at least it's being thoroughly thought and now I'm having some constant space to work with it for my table is back in my use (After being varnished so many times that I lost my track on exact number of layers.)

Harry Potter. I agree what you're saying about the first books and I also agree with that "everyday adventures". I also prefer them over - for example - huge amount of traveling all around and endless battles and so on. That's why Lord of the Rings was a bit exhausting for me at some parts. ": ) The last book of the Harry Potter's somehow missed the atmosphere the books before it had had. It only combined some things and told backgrounds of some characters but somehow it felt a bit empty without the atmosphere and little details of the previous ones'. I really didn't find it that interesting. Especially when all the former books had been partly like their own substories. Each describing one year of that intriguing world.

Haha. And once again I agree. I pretty much collect all the little things people say and how they act. Personally, I keep stopping every once in a while to poke something or straighten something or just collect a little stone I like. My sister hates to be in a supermarket with me, because - as she says - I keep disappearing. That means I find something fascinating and go over to look at it. I get rarely lost so I easily forget that it's not maybe all that easy to other people to find me than it is pretty easy for me to find them. On the other hand, I shouldn't be doing this everywhere. Once in a very jumbo-large-huge-great-great supermarket I even got lost for about twenty minutes. For a person who rarely gets lost, twenty minutes is like an eternity. x D

I'm not that interested in different races either. Only thing why they matter is that they give some direction and limits. For example vampires cannot stand garlic and so on. (I've always kept thinking why - why - do elves have to have long ears.) My lazyness on this matter can even be seen in that thing, that I say my OC's are elves though I clearly know that it cannot be. xD I have to come up with some name for their kind, someday.

About showing one's inner world to others'. My opinion on this matter is that though I would clearly state every little aspect that comes into my mind on everything, even that wouldn't be enough to allow someone just step inside my head and move there. :" D More likely this has been like an exploration. I've had to improve many things and think over again all kinds of things. I've gathered some courage with writing publically and interacting via written word. All this because I want to finish my story one day and maybe even publish it. : ) It would be interesting though I maybe would create some imaginary name rather than use my own. =_= I've never felt really comfortable seeing my name written anywhere. But discussing is really interesting and you made me to really think some things. Some characters and their relationships, motives, history and also the plot as an overall in chronological order. Somehow it just so easily lost the thread at some points when all the information is still mostly gathered in my mind and only little part in the form of words. : )

: S I still somehow hope you could go back to your story and finish it somehow. Of course I don't know how you worked in reality but these days there are at least e-mails and other electronical things to kep in contact with other person's. Though you're right. Not only writers' of the stories but also the character's develope. Maybe... just maybe you could write a story on your own - or part of it - asking Neigel and Hela and others' to accompany you for a moment. : D

(I knew he's a dog-person!) Sunny-Beast... xD Haha! Ophiopogon loves dog's too. But he literally cannot stand cat's because he's so allergic to them. Poor him. Especially when all kinds of animals (cat's included) are pretty curious towards him.

Aww. Terrible sense of humor. For some reason I always find it extremely humorous when someone is blaming other person having "a terrible sense of humor". And toy-elephant professional. I think he's having nothing wrong with his humorous side. xD

For Ophiopogon, year is not that long time. At least he doesn't see it the same way as we do. And he's not the only one. The time goes a bit differently there so that actually a year they have is a bit longer than our year and for example Nathaniel's kinds live almost twice the time we do. : ) On the contrary, Lilith therefore lived only a very short moment and for "people" like Ophiopogon it's very natural to became fond that strongly only once. So, Ophiopogon is being more likely extremely confused half of his time. ': S

Now I can be waiting for your answer's this time. : )
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Quite well actually ^^ I'm finally having my vacation. Now I have more time to spent as I want to (at last!). First things I'm going to do, are pictures I promised to you and Nathaniel's reference sheet (finishing it) plus one couple other art trades I happened to end up having. n.n One for my friend and one for another person because of my huge curiosity to encounter some new challenge for while. (As if I wouldn't have encountered any challenges during this year. <_<" I really have no sense of relativity.) You? I hope you're doing well, too. : o

I liked them very much. ^^ One of my favourite book series as a whole and especially I liked two or actually three first books. I kind of liked the sixth and fifth ones, too but the value of the fourth one for the overall storyline I understood already after reading most of the serie and then when I read it, I was maybe too young to really understand the radical change in the style of compared to the previous books. Nevertheless, I loved the description, use of imagination and characters. The whole world is just so intriguing because it's so close and still all in the other level. Not as one could enter there though they can visit Charing Cross and London. And even after I've read some studies concerning to it a nd found the meaning of the books even larger: all the mythology added within the plot and new words Rowling came up with. Here, the translator who translated the books into Finnish is greatly, greatly admired these days and she's even having an own book telling about the translating process (I haven't read it but some day I will ^^). I liked (Dumbledore), Lupin (n_n), Ron (most of the time), McGonagall and so on. And of course Fred, Geaorge and Arthur Weasley ^^ The character I liked least, is Percy. I still really cannot stand him (Grr...)

I always tend to find the oddest ones as my favourites. ^^ Maybe that is the reason none of my own characters can be described as all ordinary and normal (what is normal?). n.n Nathaniel tries to be mostly normal but even he's having some more or less extreorinary habits like he cannot concentrate properly at times, if his pens are not organized in front of so that they're closely next to each others. Still, he's not a perfectionist (or cannot be one in a surroundings like Ophiopogon's office and household as a whole). While reading I always find all kind of those little things one of the most interesting aspects of the stories. In some cases especially if the characters are encountering some problems with fulfilling their wantings. u.u" Same things applies even to the television programs, f.g. if you've ever seen "Monk", he's absolutely one of my favourites. As well as Sherlock Holmes from literature. (<- Jeremy Brett is actually my favourite actor and only person I find suitable to the role of Holmes. ^^)

I haven't tried writing like that, but I enjoy discussions. I really, really enjoy them if I just find a suitable person to share my thougths (as you are! Thank you for it! <3 You've been lightning my day more than once already. This "message tree" as you pointed out, really takes my thoughts away from things unsatisfactory happening occurred during the day! ^^) Almost everyone at least. It's actually pretty short time (less than a year) I started feeling actually really comfortalbe with sharing my imaginary world or more likely some little parts of it, with others. It just took time, I guess, but I know people who still don't find it comfortable. At least not yet ^^ But I found out, that instead of taking something away my characters, sharing them actually gave them something more. A seeing hint of reality, more understanding but also freedom to give they a chace to develope themselves. It's been really interesting.

xDD poor Neigel! Ophiopogon is a romantic too but he tries to keep it all a knowledge of his own - and tend to fail with it at times xD The reason why Lilith never had to really worry over her reputation and earnestness in other people's eyes. u.u ...hidden between student's's just...O.o...poor Shol. Actually especially that discussion of Neigel and Shol reminds me from Julia and Lewis. They're having tones like that when dealing with each others. And Ophiopogon would ceratinly and immediately be a volunteer to proof that one of the major skills of Lewis is to talk pure nonsense...and I afraid my dear professor would do that extremely sarcastically if possible. They're having all their battle of wills of their own.

So the relationship between Shol and Neigel sounds interesting though I can understand that it also works. O.O As strange as it sounds. Do you feel it could be possible to you to "find" them again if you would like to?

xD That happens to me too. But also that way around that I would like to read books in the language they're originally written. I consider their form being the purest one that way. Though on the other hand I'm still having different language as my mother tongue so there would still remain most part of the different point of view. Agree with that part about English. And yes, it's fun. Actually if I have to tell generally about my characters or about the story, the text appears to me in English so it's almost too easy (thinking the length of these messages xD )

But about Ophiopogon and Lilith. They met already when they were very small and after Aleko has taken Ophiopogon as his apprentice about in the same age as Nathaniel is when Ophiopogon accpeted his as his own apprentice (one common factor again). The part you're asking is still a bit unaccurate by the years and specific times so I cannot be that exact. ^^ Anyway, Ophiopogon was extremely introvert when Aleko found him and he even bite Aleko once just because Aleko tried to touch him. Ophiopogon trusted no one and didn't let anyone to come even near to him for a very long time. Nevertheless, Aleko was very patient but determined and finally Ophiopogon actually grew fond of him. (As an all, Ophiopogon's one characteristic is affection to everything he find very precious to him.) So this as a background info before coming to Lilith who was very fine young lady before she met Ophiopogon. Or at least pretended to be. =.=" I think they taught each others as many dubious things, manners and information. Lily was the one speaking and Ophiopogon the one making the observations and having literally the capability to see the surroundings. This is because of the simple reason that Lily spent most of her life all blind because of her disease. She only was able to saw during night time that is because of partly unsuccesful spell of Ophiopogon he casted in the age of under ten. Lily got part of her capability to see back, but was never able to use that in real situations. Lily, on the other hand tried to help Ophiopogon with an attempts to speak him out from problems (which he normally gathered because of impolite behaviour and words...). Sometimes she was skillful enough to perplex people so that they forgot the whole problem...and sometimes not. May be that Aleko gave him more detentions than Ophiopogon never to Nathaniel. xD

When they grew older, people suddenly decided that it was all inappropriate for a young lady in status of Lilith and young student to "look" after each other (as it mostly was) and they were even separated for a while mostly because of the bad influnence of Ophiopogon on Lilith. Aleko grew so terribly furious when heard that reason that even he declined Ophiopogon to see Lilith anymore saying that he could fine proper accompany. Since that moment Lilith losted her enjoyment of talking and fell in depression. She losted her ability to see during night time and little by little became weaker and weaker. Ophiopogon - on the other hand - got extremely angry, couldn't master even his own magic properly anymore and started to argue even with Aleko and at times refused to speak anything. After a whole bunch of concequences (f.g. Ophiopogon that it was better to start to use all his magic - and he was a very powerful mage at that age already - instead of only the little amount he had used to use. That caused a lot of work to both Court Mages and cleaning personnel. As well as some architects and builders and carpenters, too. =.= ) Nevertheless, their relationship was never fully accpeted by all the parties (all the else) but at least tehy had time to share some years before Lilith passed away because of her inborn desease. Aleko, though, found it as a huge relief that Lilith took back her place and Ophiopogon returned immediately back to his normal calm manners and soft tone of voice.

So this was "a little" piece of information in nut shell I managed to write down for you to read. n.n Hope you find it sort of understandable at least and just ask if I jumped too much (going to go to have my night time sleep within minutes ^^"). And as you mentioned in one of our previous discussions that they had a sad ending, Ophiopogon would consider your ophion more likely doubtful. He never attended Lilith's memorial seremony or any sort of that and though he admit a loud that Lilith is "dead" he consider her to be very alive somewhere. Maybe not in physical form but in some even more elaborate state of being. (Now I have to mention that in any case Ophiopogon is also an ateist and does not belief in any sort of god.) She's also the reason that keeps Ophiopogon in his unnatural appearance (when thinking that it's not his real form) and also binds him to the Library and to the whole city. (Aleko, on the other hand, is the most significant reason Ophiopogon keeps working and even tries his best to teach Nathaniel.) And Ophiopogon and Lily were extremely happy together. Aleko never managed to explain Ophiopogon the meaning or value of a smile but Lilith did even without having that a purpose. As a return service, Ophiopogon taught her to be the best totally blind pickpocket the court had experienced that far. (He really is Scarlet's uncle though maybe wouldn't mark abilities like that so high in remarkableness anymore -.-")

(And Nathaniel borned hundred of years after Lily's death so Ophiopogon had quite a lot of time to be on his own even before Scarlet walking over the kitchen treshold into his household. ^^)

You're very welcome! I hope you're having as much enjoyment with them as I do. ^^
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Long, long, long... O.O Personally I enjoy long answers of yours but I feel so perplexed when finding out how long my own answers to you are. ^^"
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About Ophiopogon and Lilith... ^^ humhum (getting started is always a bit problematic)
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Gwaaa! It (prev. message) escaped from me without my permission D:< ) Proper answer will come... ^^"
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wow this is beautiful (:
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Thank you very much. )
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